Keeping Youth Safe and Drug Free

CTC Sponsored Programs

Resources for Norristown Youth and Families
Norristown Area Communities That Care for Youth (CTC) is a group of community members working together to help our youth become the best they can be. Norristown CTC supports the following strategies:

Brief Motivational Intervention
Targeted counseling for youth cited for a first offense underage drinking and referred by the District Judge. For information, call Kerri Hunsberger of The Lincoln Center at 610-277-3715 ext. 243.

Guiding Good Choices
A five-week curriculum designed to assist parents in preparing their children to make positive decisions and identifying the early warning signs of substance abuse. For information, contact Alissa McBride at 610-630-2111 ext. 239 or

Norristown Police Department SafeKids: Out of Harm's WaySafeKids logo
A three-pronged initiative, designed by the Norristown Police Department, to minimize the risks that children face at home, school and in their community. It includes youth education at NASD elementary schools, parent education and community outreach. For information, call Officer Brian Saxon of the Norristown Police Department at 610-270-0977.

Norristown Violence Prevention Initiative (NVPI)
NVPI strives to prevent and reduce youth gang involvement and violence in Norristown. NVPI has six core strategies: community mobilization; opportunities provision; social intervention; suppression; organizational change; and assessment activities. For information, contact Viviann Schorle at 610-630-2111 ext. 257 or or download the NVPI brochure (pdf).

Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP)
RAMP teaches establishments how to identify underage individuals. For information, contact Taylor Hayes at 610-630-2111 ext. 266 or

Social Marketing
Campaigns such as Find Your 25th Hour, Education=Options and Don't Smoke Your Future are intended to increase public awareness to pressing community issues. For information, contact Angela Bell at 610-630-2111 ext. 236 or

Staying Connected With Your Teen
A five-week curriculum that teaches parents how to decrease the chances that their teens will become involved in dangerous situations and stop unhealthy behaviors before they begin. For information, contact Alissa McBride at 610-630-2111 ext. 239 or

Sticker Shock
A tested technique to raise community awareness of penalties and problems associated with purchasing or providing alcohol for anyone under 21 years of age. For information, contact Taylor Hayes at 610-630-2111 ext. 266 or

Strengthening Families Program 10-14
A seven-week program for parents and youth ages 10-14 that helps families reduce the risk for serious problems by guiding youth through the teen years. For information, contact Alissa McBride at 610-630-2111 ext. 239 or

Truancy Abatement Initiative
Norristown Area School District staff and community partners promote attendance and education of youth through a variety of programs and services. For information, contact Oglatha Ingram at 610-630-2111 ext. 226 or

24 Take-Out/Underage Drinking Enforcement
Enforcement of underage drinking laws/nighttime curfew, as well as investigative time on hosts, suppliers or purchasers of alcohol for underage youth through Source Investigations and Shoulder Tap Enforcement. For information, contact Taylor Hayes at 610-630-2111 ext. 266 or

52 Pick-Up/Drug Patrols
Police details targeting street level drug dealers with two primary objectives: stop open-air, street corner drug sales and related violence, and identify and target areas youth frequent to obtain illicit drugs. For information, call Lt. Michael Crescitelli of the Norristown Police Department at 610-270-0977.

Download the Norristown Area CTC program flyer (updated 11/2013).

For a full listing of programs and services offered in the Greater Norristown Area, please visit the Connections Guide of the Interagency Council of Norristown (ICN).

Join Us!

You can help make a difference in the lives of our youth by joining our CTC Youth Prevention Board; lending your expertise; spreading the word about CTC to your friends and family; or donating your services to support youth-based organizations. For more information, contact Angela S. Bell, Esq., CTC community mobilizer, at 610-630-2111 ext. 236 or

Family Services is proud to be the lead agency/fiscal agent for Norristown Area CTC for Youth. Family Services is a nonprofit social service agency that serves children, seniors and families throughout Montgomery County, Pa.

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